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Welcome to the Haunted House of Projects in Los Angeles, California!

retro flamingo illustration by Kathryn DiLego

fun, friendly drawings

armchair dingbat by Kathryn DiLego

bold bright prints

mod flowers illustration by Kathryn DiLego

retro cartoon colors

by Los Angeles artists

Kathryn DiLego & Richard Kaponas!


funky beer glasses by Kathryn DiLego

two unique styles harmonize in an obsessive yet relaxed view of daily life...with attention to detail, love of color and narrative sense of humor. 


moustache man mug by Kathryn DiLego

Kathryn's a freelance illustrator.

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cute peacock dingbat by Kathryn DiLegoShe makes loosey-goosey line drawings and turns them into confidently off-kilter handpulled screen prints.

lounge chair illustration by Kathryn DiLego

 "The line drawings are our absolute favorite and we have a feeling we’re going to become a collector of her work. Fun and flirty, retro and colorful, Kathryn’s drawings often depict Los Angeles life - the suburb sprawl, freeway traffic and shopping malls (all without feeling depressing)."
- Beth Zeigler Penn, ApartmentTherapy.commod drinks drawing by Kathryn DiLego

Richard's an award-winning filmmaker.



retro glasses illustration by Kathryn DiLego

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funny birdy illustration by Kathryn DiLego

He makes colorful digital paintings of the unexpected humor and mysterious beauty of abandoned urban spaces.

retro chair icon by Kathryn DiLego
"Kathryn’s work completely fits our quirky mod sensibilities. Her [prints] remind us of Mad Men era patterns...[or] make Los Angeles’ traffic jams seem as charming as Madeline’s Paris."
- Angela Matusik, perfume bottle spot illustration by Kathryn DiLego

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Haunted House of Projects: art by Richard Kaponas & Kathryn DiLego
You can find beautiful colors, interesting patterns, and funny details in everyday scenes everywhere.
We hope our original, affordable prints remind you to always keep your eyes open!
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