The Marina original handpulled screenprint by Kathryn DiLego

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My retro summer screenprint features a marina full of breezy white sailboats, fluttering bright red flags and an airy effortless palm tree against aqua blue. There's lots of bold, confident, balanced linework in this print, contrasting with the flat background shapes inspired by mid-century illustration.

I drew this inky scratchy sketch from life in San Diego, California. I enlarged the drawing and had a film positive made, one for each color, so I could silkscreen print it by hand in happy, nautical hues. This is a First Edition of 100 fresh, fun hand-pulled prints, all of which are off-kilter in their own way... because if I wanted them all to be the same, I would have had a machine print them for me. 
    titled, signed and numbered recto © Kathryn DiLego no copyright transferred with sale
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