The Summer Collection

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My jaunty retro line illustrations of vintage objects in decorative frames, digitally printed in summer colors (cherry red, blue raspberry, warm goldenrod) on bright white super heavy cardstock, 11x17".

I love vintage... and sketching it is less expensive than collecting.

For this poster I drew a mix of functional and decorative pieces seen in my travels: a classic horse's head sculpture, a vinyl and chrome kitchen chair, a lead crystal decanter, an atomic style alarm clock, and even the covered wagon lamp my grandparents had in their upstairs hallway that was my nightlight when I slept over.

I drew funny, frilly picture frames around the objects, arranged vertically along three banners. My drawings are reminiscent of mid-century illustrations, with flat poster-like colors, and the design is a bit like an old ice cream parlor menu.

This is from a set of 4 different designs in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall colors.

The frame (not included) is by

open edition signed recto © Kathryn DiLego; no copyright transferred with sale