The Five Boroughs #44

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My confident, crisp line drawings of New York City screenprinted by hand in cool blue over rainy day colors of storm cloud grey, night blue and sunrise pink on white paper, 11x14"

This is my unconventional take on a tourism and travel poster or a souvenir postcard and each is one-of-a-kind.

I made five careful yet off-kilter drawings of the NYC boroughs: the Williamsburg Bridge with the sun behind it to represent Brooklyn; Devil's Gate and a little row of houses to represent the Bronx; the Queensboro Bridge / Ed Koch Bridge with the World's Fair Unisphere to represent Queens; and Gapstow Bridge in Central Park to represent Manhattan. Staten Island is illustrated by a ferry, of course!

I had my artwork turned into stencils on a large aluminum screen, then I handmade these prints one at a time by pushing acrylic paint through the mesh with a squeegee. Every single one is unique swirls and textures.

signed and marked Unique (#44) recto © Kathryn DiLego; no copyright transferred with sale