Campo de Cahuenga

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My quirky line drawing done on location at Campo de Cahuenga, Los Angeles hand screen printed on recycled paper, using sunshine to expose the stencils.

I hand-pulled 170 prints in shimmery soft evening colors on gray paper, and 65 prints in bright morning colors on butcher blue paper... and for a limited time, you can purchase both colorways for the price of one.

My design includes a parking structure, streetlights, palm tress... and lanes of cars, all jostling and jockeying around the corner, trying to make the green light. There's a construction sawhorse in the way, and a Hummer and a Beetle and a fire engine -- the area doesn't look exactly like it did back in 1847 when the Treaty was signed.

titled, signed and numbered verso © Kathryn DiLego. All Rights Reserved.