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My diagram style line drawings of midcentury modern chairs, screenprinted by hand in silver & black on big, retro manila and red file folder cards.

Whenever I'm shopping, I check the bottom shelves -- because, just like the cereal aisle at the supermarket, that's often where underdog products are kept -- and that's how I found a battered box of fantastic manila file folder cards (with their cheerful red sign-in lines and "out" tab) that were used for for analog file management back in the day.

To make these unusual, impactful prints, I coated a silkscreen with UV sensitive emulsion and let the sun expose my line drawings to create a stencil.

I printed the background in semi-transparent shimmery silver ink then, in rich black, my illustrations of three retro chairs I rescued from Los Angeles thrift stores.

This is a non-repeatable, limited edition of just 95 quirky, hand-pulled screenprints. The registration and ink application varies for each one.

signed and numbered verso © Kathryn DiLego; no copyright transferred with sale