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My jumbled, playful cameo illustration silkscreen printed by hand in bright retro colors on light blue recycled cardstock, 12-1/2 x 19". This screen print features metallic gold, neon pink and navy blue on light blue cardstock.

I printed these with water-based paint instead of ink. Each screenprint is unique because every few impressions I apply fresh combinations of new colors... then wash out the screen and start over. It's neither an efficient nor cost-effective method, but it's fun and "wabi-sabi"!

This bold, oversize cameo design has impact from across the room... up close you can see all the funny details and quirks of the handmade printing process, and you can feel the thick textures of the paint layers.

My illustration has its origins in the ornate and over-the-top decorative elements fancied by the Victorians, and my labor-intensive method of printing is not much more advanced... but I've drawn it in flippant, freewheeling pen-and-ink lines, and added oddball elements like circuits and electrical wires. Then I've contrasted the electric neon paint colors against the soft, clear pastel of the paper.

* Paper Size: 12-1/2 x 19" (31.8 x 48.3 cm)
* Image Size: 10 x 12" (25.4 x 30.5 cm)
* Stock: French's 100lb Pop-Tone in Blue Raspberry
* Framing: fits a standard poster frame

titled, signed, marked Unique recto (BL07) © Kathryn DiLego; no copyright transferred with sale