The Freeway original handpulled screenprint by Kathryn DiLego

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My playful poetic travel sketch depicts a nighttime California traffic jam silkscreen printed in bright white over metallic silver and green on rich brown cardstock.
From a distance my wild drawing looks like a tangle of loopy wiry lines, and up close it's full of detail: cars and trucks jockeying for position past yucca and sage and grapevines and poplars... in the center foreground one car has a bike on the roof. Way in the background is an overpass and beyond that a sombrero-shaped mountain. On the left looms an oversized streetlight while on the right is one of the air raid sirens that still rustily dot the San Fernando Valley.
    titled, signed and numbered recto © Kathryn DiLego no copyright transferred with sale

    • Print Size: 12-1/2 x 19" (31.8 x 48.3 cm)
    • Art Size: ~10 x 16" (25.4 x 40.6 cm)
    • Cardstock: 140lb Pop-Tone in Hot Fudge from the French Family Paper Mill
    • Framing: fits a standard poster frame
    • Edition: pencil signed & numbered, marked Ed. I recto