Five Boroughs #46

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My handmade screenprint features detailed sketches of the bridges in New York City's five boroughs, and bold swirls of color on 11x14 heavy white cardstock. This one is #46 from a micro edition of 60 one-of-a-kind silkscreen monoprints. My confident, crisp line drawings in cool blue are contrasted against rainy evening colors of storm cloud grey, teal and orange.
These unusual silkscreen prints remind me of time-lapse photography, where the sky and sea seem to rush past while constructed objects hold still. They're also a nod to retro maps and printed souvenir tea towels.

My illustrations feature the Williamsburg Bridge (Brooklyn); Devil's Gate (The Bronx); the Queensboro/Ed Koch Bridge (Queens); Gapstow Bridge (Manhattan); and a ferry (Staten Island). I printed them with paint instead of ink and each is one of a kind and unrepeatable.
signed, marked Unique #46 recto © Kathryn DiLego; no copyright transferred with sale