Cliffhanger monoprint in Fall colors by Kathryn DiLego

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My detailed drawing of beach houses on a cliff, which I silkscreen printed, layering crisp clean lines over individually hand-mixed painterly backgrounds so they have a cool 3-dimensional effect almost like they're animation cels.
These are monoprints -- each is an original, and they cannot be editioned or repeated. They feature thick textures,  and subtle shimmers that can't be obtained in a digital print.
In this print, my wild drawing of a beach city in bold black lines over softly textured streaks of purple, aqua and gold on recycled paper.

They're striking from a distance and the level of detail rewards closer inspection. They aren't overly large, and they look amazing in a group... display just one to add interest to a small space, or hang several together for a big impact.
    titled, signed, marked as Unique in pencil © Kathryn DiLego; no copyright transferred with sale
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